Thai Flying Service receives its plane’s door from temple


Chartered flight operator Thai Flying Service Company has reclaimed a plane’s door after it fell off the plane shortly after it took off from Mae Sot airport in Tak province on Thursday evening.

The door of the B350 aircraft fell off as the chartered plane piloted by Captain Prasart Inyim was airborne shortly after takeoff from Mae Sot airport, forcing the captain to bring the plane back to the airport.


It was found out later that the door fell on the ground of Wat Phra That Doi Hua Fai and it was retrieved and kept at the temple.

A group of officials from the airline led by Mr Prasart went to the temple on Sunday to see the abbot, Phra Amnuay Apipunno to reclaim the door.


Mr Prasart admitted he didn’t know how the door loosened and fell off, saying that he had to wait for experts to find out. He, however, insisted that the plane was not old and has been regularly checked and maintained.