Thailand promotes online, lifelong learning

Deputy Minister of Education, Kanokwan Wilawan.
Deputy Minister of Education, Kanokwan Wilawan.

Deputy Minister of Education, Kanokwan Wilawan has detailed her accomplishments in the past year, announcing the direction forward is to continue promoting online learning which helps boost employment and creates a healthy society.

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Mrs Kanokwan mentioned that the Ministry of Education has been placing an emphasis on lifelong learning, focusing on the creation of educational opportunities for underprivileged persons across the country.

The deputy Education Minister announced the Ministry of Education, had last year employed more assistant teachers and executives at the Office of Non-Formal and Informal Education, including a scheme to allow contract government workers to become official government employees. The Ministry has also increased the medical allowance limit for each teacher at private schools from 100,000 baht per person per year to 150,000 baht per person per year.

Mrs Kanokwan said the Ministry of Education is now on track to promote lifelong learning, using online tools to help create jobs and promote a healthy society. To achieve this goal, the Ministry of Education has developed the ONIE Online application for online learning, and promoted the use of the Google Classroom as an online learning tool.

More informal education and home school courses will be provided online to help promote occupational skills, encouraging Thai people to file a patent for their inventions to protect their intellectual property.

The Ministry of Education will be working together with professionals, the civil society sector, elders, persons with disabilities, families, and caretakers, in order to promote a healthy ageing society in Thailand. (NNT)