Thailand enforces tight COVID-19 controls at shops, markets after reopening

Provincial Governor Ronnaphob Laengphirojat the Walking Street in Chai Nat.
Provincial Governor Ronnaphob Laengphirojat the Walking Street in Chai Nat.

BANGKOK-To ensure the enforcement of coronavirus control measures among businesses allowed to reopen, government agencies have been patrolling shopping malls and other businesses, making certain of their compliance with the Emergency Decree.

At the Walking Street in Chai Nat, Provincial Governor Ronnaphob Laengphiroj has observed the orderliness of visitors and vendors.

Distancing measures are being enforced at the walking street market, with each vendor placed in a staggered pattern of


2 by 2 meter blocks. People must come and go at the four entries where health screening is performed.

In Chonburi, provincial Deputy Governor Naris Niramaiwong has led security officials to observe shops, retailers, and shopping malls to assess their compliance with measures under the State of Emergency.

The group also visited Makro and Lotus shopping malls, where they observed good cooperation by the operators of shopping malls in the province.

In Phichit, Vice Governor Suthep Wongpanich has led officials to observe operations and service standards at restaurants and bottle shops in Phichit city municipality. Customers were found to be cooperating with the measures by sitting more distanced from each other, while restaurants are also providing a hand washing area for customers.

In Loei, Governor Chaiwat Chuenkosum visited the Green Market, located on the road by the province’s Civic Center. Vendors here are now placed 3-meters away from one another to prevent possible transmission of COVID-19. Customers are being encouraged to bring their own bags or baskets to carry purchased items, reducing the use of plastics and foam.(NNT)