Thai rice research to recieve more support from research agencies


BANGKOK- The Agricultural Research Development Agency (ARDA) has been promoting scientific research and development (R&D) on rice, in a bid to increase the competitiveness of rice products from Thailand in the global market.

ARDA Deputy Director Kunvara Chotiphansophon said her agency has always been supportive of agricultural research. ARDA would recommend technologies to the farming sector to help increase the quality of grains.

Rice research, which is managed by the Rice Department, has received funding from a network of national agencies, including ARDA. These studies also serve various commercial purposes, such as identifying premium rice species, improving nutritional value, and helping farmers raise productivity while lowering costs.

According to Director-General of the Rice Department Anan Suwannarat, rice research has been primarily concerned with the development of a new strain that thrives in dry weather conditions. One such strain that has come out of rice R&D is known among researchers as ‘Kor Khor 61’.

In addition, researchers are trying to introduce rice as ingredients in dietary supplements and cosmetics. Fifteen studies have so far yielded promising results. They will soon be introduced to the rice industry.