Zoos keep animals cool by spraying water as temerpatures rise


BANGKOK – Hotter temperatures in Thailand have prompted several zoos to spray water on animals and provide them with frozen treats to keep them cool. 

As the days grow hotter, zookeepers at Dusit Zoo have resorted to feeding the monkeys and bears with sweetened ice cubes. Water sprinklers and large buckets of water have also been placed inside the cages to cool down large animals like elephants and tigers.

The rising temperatures could potentially be dangerous to animal well-being. At Songkhla Zoo, a firefighter truck has been brought in to spray the tiger cage. Summer this year is expected to last longer than the year before.

In Chiang Rai province, smog continues to affect communities in Mae Sai district. Air particles were last recorded at 175 micrograms per cubic meter, which is considered to exceed safety standards. Water trucks are being used to spray water into the air along the street and in populated areas to lower the pollution density.