Thai reservoirs becoming desiccated as drought drags on


CHAI NAT – Reservoir levels keep dropping as drought continues in various parts of Thailand, according to the latest report.

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Parts of the Chao Phraya dam in Chai Nat province are now mostly silt, sand and exposed rocks as water continues to evaporate amid rising temperatures. As of April 22, the highest water level in the dam was measured at 15.9 meters and the lowest level was 5.65 meters, 10.69 meters lower than the embankments. Despite reduced water supply, the Irrigation Department has confirmed that the country won’t suffer water shortages this year as long as the farming sector complies with the government’s water management plan. Crop producers have been asked to postpone farming activities until May.

Meanwhile, in Phetchabun province, soldiers and residents of Lom Kao district are joining forces in building a water retention area that can prevent both flash floods and water scarcity. The reservoir is made of bamboo stalks and sandbags.