Government praised for anti-corruption policies


BANGKOK – A recent Suan Dusit poll has shown the general public are satisfied with the government’s anti-corruption policies, with an increased overall satisfaction towards the government.

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Suan Dusit University Poll released results from a recent survey of the general public’s opinion regarding Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha’s government as the administration is approaching its third year in the office. The majority of the public are in favor of the government’s anti-corruption policies.

The poll, conducted among 1,119 samples during 18-22 April 2017, shows 70.51 percent cite the main strength of this government is the suppression of corruption, followed by establishing orderliness in society at 65.33 percent, and national development at 62.56 percent.

The surveyed public also mentioned factors which worsened the government’s reputation being poor performance in economy, strictness of law enforcement such as the collection of taxes and traffic rules, as well as censorship of public opinion.

25.83 percent of the surveyed public says they are more satisfied with the government from its determination to work and pursue national reformation according to its roadmap, while 44.77 percent still maintains a same satisfaction level, and 29.4 percent says they are less satisfied.

Issues which the surveyed public wishes the government to help resolve are the economy, hardships, and quality of life. They also wish the government to push forward the roadmap, hold a general election according to democratic principles, and to utilize the budget with efficiency and transparency.