Thai Red Cross holds annual conference on vaccine


BANGKOK, 6 October 2015 – The Thai Red Cross Society is now hosting the annual academic conference of vaccine manufacturers in developing countries, aiming to increase Thailand’s vaccine manufacturing capability in 10 years. 

The Deputy Director of Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute for Administrative Affairs Sumana Khomvilai has revealed that the Thai Red Cross Society and Bionet – Asia Co., Ltd has organized the 16th annual academic conference of vaccine manufacturers in developing countries. The event will run from 5-7 October 2015, with the theme ‘Quality vaccine for everyone’ at Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre at Central World, Bangkok.

The conference serves as a platform of information exchange for the procurement of manufacturing technology, quality guarantee protocols, and vaccine reserve for emergency situations between the developing countries. International cooperation has also been encouraged to help raise the manufacturing capacity of the BCG vaccine, used to treat tuberculosis, at Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute.

The Deputy Director has said that the demand for the BCG vaccine is now at 150 million doses per year, while the institute is aiming to expand its vaccine manufacturing capability in the next 10 years, to meet the domestic and international demand.

The conference also features lectures on vaccine reserve, deficient vaccine allocation, and new technology for vaccine manufacturing.