Labour Ministry to issue anti-human trafficking operations report


BANGKOK, 5 October 2015 – The Ministry of Labour is set to issue a report on its human trafficking eradication operations; it is certain that this years’ operations have shown significant improvement from the previous year’s.

The Ministry of Labour has been in the process of publishing its 2015 report on its human trafficking eradication operations, to be distributed to related agencies beginning in October.

In order to strengthen the working process, the ministry will also revise its committee on the management of human trafficking prevention and eradication operations, which include labor protection, labor inspection, law amendment, and the overall operation system.

According to the Ministry of Labor Permanent-Secretary, Puntrik Smiti, this year’s trafficking eradication operations have shown great improvement given Thailand has forged ahead with the required operations, including the announcement of ministerial orders in relation to workers in the fisheries and the agro industries, as well as strictly enforcing related laws.

In addition, the government, led by the Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha has prioritized on the eradication of human trafficking as a national priority, seeking the collaboration of all sectors to solve the issue.