Thai government updates on current COVID-19 situation

An update from the Thai government regarding Thailand’s #COVID19 situation, reporting from the Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA)


– Over the past week, the situation globally continues to reflect a steady rise in the number of new infections in certain parts of the world, especially in Asia including Thailand.

– New clusters continue to be found in restaurants and schools and construction workers’ camp sites. The CCSA continues to strongly encourage compliance with Universal Prevention and COVID-Free setting measures. The implementation of bubble-and-seal strategies in camp sites and schools also continue to be recommended.

– The Prime Minister also stressed the importance that all agencies involved prepare the necessary standby arrangements for the management of a projected increase in Omicron-led cases, including Home Isolation and Community Isolation systems throughout the country. The meeting was assured that relevant agencies have enough surge capacity to deal with the rise in the number of cases, especially as a sharp uptick in the Northeast and the North is being monitored closely.

– The CCSA General Meeting also reiterated that those who are found to be COVID positive can still seek medical attention as per their medical benefits and insurance without any changes. This reiteration was made in response to speculation that certain benefits would no longer be included in the Universal Coverage for Emergency Patients or UCEP.

-The testing requirements for Test and Go were discussed extensively as was the insurance requirement. In relation to the former, the second PCR test for Test and Go entrants will be changed to an ATK test which means you will not need to book that second hotel night. In relation to the latter, the requirement for insurance – specifically medical coverage that includes 3 COVID treatments – was lowered to at least 20,000 USD per person from 50,000 USD.

– The only change made to the zoning of the provinces is that Amnart Chareon province is now in the orange or Controlled Area and Nong Khai province is now in the yellow or High Surveillance Area.

– Currently, there are 20 COVID-19 vaccines in the development pipeline.

– Vaccine HXP GPOVac has completed the second phase of clinical trials with satisfactory results on 250 volunteers. The vaccine is expected to complete its phase three trial on humans by the third quarter of this year.

– Chula-Cov19 vaccine has completed phase II clinical trials with satisfactory results on 120 volunteers. The vaccine is expected to complete its phase three clinical trial by August 2022. To date, the government has supported a total amount of 2,715.59 million baht in the R&D process. (PRD)