Thai government has revoked ‘Emergency Decree’ in Bangkok

The anti-government demonstrators were marching from the Victory Monument to Government House on Wednesday.

Following the televised public announcement on Wednesday, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha has now issued the withdrawal of the emergency decree, imposed in Bangkok to handle the protest as the first step to ease the ongoing situation while asking the demonstrators to take the same step to address the conflict through negotiation and parliamentary procedures.

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Gen Prayut made the televised broadcast on Wednesday evening as the anti-government demonstrators were marching from the Victory Monument to Government House. Gen Prayut said that violence could not resolve the problem but it will make the situation escalate as seen in the history.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha.

The only way to address the problem that is fair for both protesters on the street and tens of millions of people who do not take to the street is talking and working together through the parliamentary procedures. It will take some time but it will not cause damage to the country, he said.

The Cabinet agreed to convene a special parliamentary session to discuss ways to defuse the ongoing political conflict. The extraordinary session is expected on Oct 26-27.

As the country’s leader, he said he was responsible for the welfare of all Thais, including protesters.

He will take the first step to lower the temperature and resolve conflicts. He is preparing to revoke the state of emergency in Bangkok soon if no violence occurs. He called for the protesters to show sincerity and follow the suit.

Another important issue now is to address economic problems, caused by the pandemic crisis, he added. (TNA)