Thai Foreign Ministry reviews quarantine policy for foreign diplomats

Foreign Ministry spokesman Cherdkiat Atthakor.

The Foreign Ministry plans to quarantine foreign diplomats at state quarantine facilities and have them pay for the process, Foreign Ministry spokesman Cherdkiat Atthakor said.

The policy followed health concerns from the case of a COVID-19-infected daughter of a Sudanese attach in Bangkok who stayed at her family condominium in Bangkok.

Mr Cherdkiat said the girl was already admitted at a hospital and her family was being quarantined for 14 days at the residence of the Sudanese embassy.

The spokesman said during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic, there should be balance between diplomatic relations and public health and that called for the revision of measures.
“An important measure concerns 14-day quarantine that will change from quarantine at foreign embassies to quarantine at alternative state quarantine venues,” Mr Cherdkiat said.

The government’s lockdown-easing committee would consider the policy on July 17 and the Foreign Ministry would later inform foreign diplomats of the change, he said. (TNA)