THAI considers special flight from Rome


BANGKOK – Thai Airways International (THAI) considers operating a special flight from Rome to Bangkok on March 30 if enough Thais in Italy want the service.

The Thai embassy in Rome stated that the national airline might operate the flight if there are at least about 250 passengers. Thai people in Italy would have to reserve tickets within 6pm on March 27. The fare is set at 750 euros.

Tickets can be reserved via emails to [email protected] or the hotline number +393338518071. The embassy was handling the reservation.

The embassy earlier informed THAI that a certain number of Italian people in Thailand wanted to return to their homeland. The airline in the first place saw that such a flight would be loss-ridden.

Therefore, it was looking for the Thai people in Italy who might want to return home to take the flight back from Rome and the service for both Thais and Italians would be feasible.

The flight was also available for those who earlier bought THAI tickets in Rome and Milan. (TNA)