Thai – Cambodian meeting at Jomtien Palm Beach


The 19th Regional Thai-Combodia Border committee meeting was held between the 21st and 23rd of September at the Jomtien Palm hotel, in attendance was  Pol. Col. Udomek Seetabut, Commander of the 1st Region, along with Pol. Gen. Boon Seng, Military Commander of 5th Sector and Deputy Commander of Cambodian Army.

The subject under discussion was the signing of a cross border memorandum which will create 64 parallel villages along the border that will focus on addressing many issues, the first under discussion was trade and agriculture and it was agreed that both countries will jointly promote trade according to AFTA’s certification regarding the origins of agricultural products in preparation for joining ASEAN 2015 along with the interception of the exit-entry of quality agricultural products.

The signed memo is accompanied by a friendly handshake by the two

Tourism was also discussed and both parties have agreed to increase their rigidity in inspecting tour operators and unlicensed guides to prevent fraud and the exploitation of tourists.

It was also agreed to jointly conduct activities to strengthen ties and good cooperation such as the conservation of natural resources,

A campaign to keep the border crossings clean and organizing activities such as tree planting, also making merit on religious days or playing sports together.

The 19th Regional Thai-Combodia Border committee meeting closed with both parties signing the memorandum for peaceful expansion and development of a harmonious relationship.

Thai – Cambodian meeting at Jomtien Palm Beach