Saudi Arabian Tourist stand up to the Jet Ski Scammers


The police have finally after hundreds of reports of extortion by jet-ski operators in Pattaya made some arrests of these individuals that have been spoiling the good name of the city for the last few years.

There have been reports of violence been threatened in the past and this was the case when police were called to the Marriott hotel just after midnight on September the 24th as 8-10 Thai men were stopping four Saudi Arabian men from entering the hotel.

Earlier in the day the men had rented the jet skis and got the usual story from the jet ski bullies who claimed the tourists had damaged the jet skis and were demanding 20,000 baht, the men refused and took the matter to the police, after which the men again vehemently denied any wrong doing and stated that they were happy to take the matter to court and that they would inform their embassy about the whole business.

However later that night they found the scammers waiting for them at the hotel and things looked like that might get nasty, then the hotel manager stepped in and called the police.

In the end five Thai men were arrested for extortion and hopefully will have their licenses revoked, Pol. Col. Arun Phromphun a tourist officer stated that if there are any more reports regarding this subject that the perpetrator will face the same fate.

However there are rumors that the jet-ski operators are very well protected.

If you are thinking about hiring a jet ski, protect yourself, take a good look at the bodywork, take photos of the jet-ski before you take it out and if you feel like you have been a victim of extortion Pattaya Mail and PMTV would like to hear from you.

Saudi Arabian Tourist stand up to the Jet Ski Scammers



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