Local man commits suicide by hanging


The police were called to a house in soi Nongyai as a man had hanged himself.

At the scene they found 41 year old Suphachai Ekomviriya he had used a rope tied to the rafter to end his life and had been dead, for 3-4 days already.

The dead mans mother prepares to tell the police about her son.

Rigor mortis had set in and he had green bruises on his neck in the room there were traces of marijuana.

His mother stated that he had recently started a new job as a painter and that she hadn’t seen him leave his room and went in to find him, she was unaware of any problems he might have been having.

After an initial investigation, the police assume that the deceased must have been under considerable amount of stress and perhaps the marijuana did not help matters and as there were no suspicious circumstances the man’s body was taken for religious funerals rites.