Supreme Patriarch bestows New Year’s card upon Thai people


Bangkok – Supreme Patriarch Somdet Phra Ariyavangsagatayana has bestowed a New Year’s blessing in a holiday card for the Thai people.

The card, written by hand, bares the Supreme Patriarch’s symbol and features a message written in Sanskrit that translates as “those who are mindful are perpetually prosperous”. The card also contains the remarks “on the occasion of the New Year, the Buddhist year of 2561, may you all be mindful and achieve perpetual prosperity… salutations” along with the religious leader’s signature.

The picture attached for the card depicts the revered monk standing before the principle Buddha image of Wat Ratchabophit surrounded by ceremonial fans given to him by His Majesty the King in February of this year upon his ascension to the role of Supreme Patriarch, and in June of this year to mark his 90th birthday anniversary.