Sukhothai’s Sawankhaloke District ravaged by floods


SUKHOTHAI, 8 September 2014 – Sukhothai province’s Sawankhaloke District has been hammered by floods as a result of torrential rains for several days. Monks and rescue units had to step in to offer help to distressed residents.

Phra Kru Pisan Sunthornkit, the abbot of Wat Sawankharam, along with rescue officers have offered dried food to locals living in the area.

The Khlong Yang Subdistrict in Sawankhaloke District became severely flooded after authorities had drained water from the sluice gates in order to release water from other areas. So far, the floods have covered 3,000 rai of land across seven villages, affecting thousands of households.

Khlong Yang Mayor Mr. Nari Tuenta revealed that the Khlong Yang sub-district is prone to flooding since it is a low-lying area. Water levels have reached over 1 meter in most areas, forcing residents to stay on the 2nd floor of their homes.

Meanwhile, a 54-year old woman living in the area stated that the floodwater has breached her home for more than four days already, adding that her nephews and nieces have been unable to attend their classes for several days due to the floods.