Student calls for education reform and more public participation in anti-graft process


BANGKOK, 21 December 2014 – Students participating in a seminar jointly hosted by King Prajadhipok’s Institute and the Secretariat of the House of Representatives have called for equality in education and more public participation in the inspection of all types of graft.

During the 3-day seminar with representatives of students, young participants have urged for the reduction of inequality in Thailand’s education, which can be found when comparing the system offered in the upcountry and that offered in big cities.

Students also asked for continued inspection of the quality of education and the promotion of participation from families, religious groups and all communities in the development of the educational system.

Concerning views on anti-corruption movement, participants at the seminar suggested the enactment of effective laws to fight graft and the setting up of a student organization to be in charge of this while restructuring private and public offices to be strong enough to resist corruption.

They added that the public should share the responsibility of battling all types of graft and take part in related inspection processes.