Yala faces floods after continuous rains


YALA, 22 Dec 2014, The Municipality of Muang District, Yala, has issued a flood warning after heavy rains continue to hammer the province, causing inundation in several areas.

Heavy rain crippled Baan Nieng – Lammai route in Muang District yesterday afternoon, raising the existing flood water level in various zones.

Municipal chief, Pongsak Yingchoncharoen, issued the municipality’s second warning, calling for locals in the district’s lowland areas to move their belongings to higher ground, and to be extreme careful when using electrical appliances in order to avoid accidents and damage to assets. He also recommended that the locals closely follow the Office’s latest update on the flooding situation.

Mr. Pongsak also urged the locals to call the province’s disaster prevention and mitigation office at 073-212345 and 199 hotline for assistance round the clock.