Sticky rice morning alms-giving and casual charms of Chiang Khan, Loei, northern Thailand

Sticky Rice Morning Alms-Giving.

Listed as one of the World Sustainable Destinations 2020 by Green Destinations – a non-profit foundation for sustainable destination development and recognition, Chiang Khan District of Loei in upper northeastern Thailand is packed with calm and casual charms. Here are some chilling activities you can do while in town.

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Pedaling Through Old Town.

Sticky Rice Morning Alms-Giving – As a local staple, sticky rice plays a big role as a daily sustenance. Each morning, it is a ritual for the locals to offer sticky rice to monks. Visitors can observe or be a part of this daily ceremony as a way to get to know more of the local traditions.

Pedaling Through Old Town – Chiang Khan’s old town consists of rustic wooden house rows, some converted into guesthouses and cafes, or even restaurants. Cycling around to get the feel of the area is always a good idea.

Cruising Along the Mekong – Golden hours in the morning and evening at Mekong of Chiang Khan can be described as magical. Folks here live their lives by the river where most realistic yet dreamy scenes can be observed.

Cruising Along the Mekong

Sun rising at Phu Tok – Phu Tok is a small mountain about half an hour south of Chiang Khan old town. It is here that people sacrifice their early morning in bed for the amazing sea-of-mist views on top. All with magnificent mountain layers as the backdrop.


Chiang Khan Skywalk – Located in Phu Khok Ngio district about 19 kilometres (or about 30 minutes driving) west of Chiang Khan, this newly opened clear skywalk offers a panoramic view of the area that is the converging point of Thai-Laos bordering Hueng River and Mekong. Another spectacular scene to behold in the uppermost northeastern Thailand.

Sun rising at Phu Tok – Phu Tok.

Chiang Khan Skywalk.

Chiang Khan District of Loei in upper northeastern Thailand is packed with calm and casual charms.