Snatch and grab thief arrested


Police arrested 21Natkitti Deveeloh also known as Mew as he had been suspected of stealing a necklace from a tourist in central  Pattaya.

Mew confessed to stealing the necklace and stated that he worked with a gang of about 3-4 men from Soi Nernplubwaan and that they would ride around looking for tourists whereby they would steal their bags and necklaces.

He said that the money would be them split up and that he would use his cut to buy powdered milk for his child.

The police rechecked the daily record to find that a Korean tourist named Mr. Chee Tong had indeed reported that he had his necklace stolen beside foodland.

Pol. Col. Nanthawut stated that if any victim thinks that they have had the belongings stolen by this criminal they can come forward and identify him at the station.