Ladyboy arrested for pick-pocketing


In the early hours on of the 23rd of November Police escorted a ladyboy to the station after she had robbed an Iranian man on beach road at soi 13/1.

The victim 28 year old Davood Zobeivi stated that he was on his way to walking street with his friend when three ladyboys stopped and had a chat with them, they offered some sexual services and were caressing the men.

The men declined and walked away then Mr Zobeivi realized that his wallet had been stolen by one of the ladyboys and chased after them he was able to detain one of them later identified as 25 year old Sonthaya Srijanplaeng.

The police found 740 baht in cash hidden in the ladyboys  underwear and when questioned the ladyboy said she had not stolen the wallet however had taken the money from her friend and hidden it in her underwear.

After the initial investigation, the police recorded the statements, charged the lady-boy with being an accomplice in theft and the police are apparently searching for the other two ladyboy gang members.