Sixteen vagrants apprehended in Buriram, as the province ramps up anti-human trafficking drive


BURIRAM, 27 Feb 2015 – The Social Development and Human Security Office in Buriram plans to give job training for vagrants found in the province, in its bids to keep them off the streets in the future. Officials earlier took custody of 16 beggars roaming the city.

The office says it will work with various agencies to provide these vagabonds job training courses. It hopes that, once the campaign is implemented, they will use what they have learned to make a living and will not return to the vagrancy life again.

Earlier Buriram Provincial Administration officials had patrolled streets in all of its 23 districts and were able to apprehend 16 vagrants. Initial inquiry revealed most of them came from Surin and Khon Kean. Police put them in the daily report and gave them a warning before sending them back to their homes. Those who do not have a home are sent to a government shelter.

Officials said that beggars who are involved in a human trafficking ring would be dealt with under the Anti-Human Trafficking Act. They stated the focus would be placed on finding and prosecuting those behind the human trafficking operations.