Buriram warns locals of H1N1 flu after 166 cases reported with one dead


BURIRAM, 27 Feb 2015 – The Public Health Office in Buriram has issued an official warning to the public regarding the spread of H1N1 flu, after 166 cases have been reported with one dead since January.

According to the office, the cases were found scattering in all 18 districts with 92 of them being female. Most of the patients were under 5 years old. It said that the one who died from the virus was identified as a 54-year-old local from Nangrong District.

His death has raised an awareness about the flu among the residents and the medical officials. The provincial public health office deems that those susceptible to H1N1 virus are those younger than 5, elders aged over 65, pregnant women, and those with chronic diseases.

The office reminds the public that the flu is extremely contagious especially in crowded spaces. In order to contain the spread, it suggests those who have contracted the disease to wear a mask covering their noses and mouth, refrain from sharing items, and to wash their hands often.