Senate shifts debate dates


BANGKOK, 22 November 2012 – The Senate whip once again reset its debate schedule in Parliament, changing the timing of the sessions on November 23, 2012 and next Wednesday.

At a meeting yesterday, the Senate whips agreed to hold the first round of the debate tomorrow between 1pm and 8pm. The second round of debate will be held on Wednesday after the House of Representatives votes on an opposition censure motion following its own debate on the government’s performance.

About 50-60 senators are expected to speak during the entirety of the debate.

The Senate whip stated that upper house members will focus on four issues during the debate; problems with the government’s rice pledging scheme and projects to mortgage other crops, unrest in the deep South, water management issues and administrative concerns including tourism, education and drugs.

Several time schemes were declined by the government whips prior to yesterday’s decision. The latest plan has yet to be approved by the administration.