Chinese leader reiterates good relations with Thailand


BEIJING, 22 November 2012 – Chinese correspondents have relayed comments from Chinese premier Wen Jaibao following his official visit to Thailand, saying the leader has assured that Thailand and China continue to enjoy a close friendship. 

The China Daily reported that Premier Wen likened the close bilateral relationship between his country and Thailand to that of family members. He also highlighted the need for the two nations to maintain high-level exchanges and further promote coordination on regional affairs, in order to facilitate peace, stability and prosperity.

He was reported as saying that China was willing to make concerted efforts with Thailand in actively implementing a five-year project to boost trade and further cooperation in areas such as transportation, water management, agriculture and investment.

Other correspondents have also quoted Mr. Wen as saying that the two countries are strategic partners, whose strong ties have been reinforced by the support of the Thai royal family.