Self-confessed insurgent questioned after surrender


SONGKHLA, March 6 – Police on Wednesday continued questioning an admitted insurgent said to have been involved in seven criminal cases who surrendered to the authorities two months ago.

Abdulloh Samodaman, a suspect in seven security cases, surrendered on January 5. He confessed to carrying out seven attacks in Saba Yoi district, including the killing of Witthaya Suwannarat and the fresh market bombing in Saba Yoi district in which four people were killed and 26 others were injured in 2007. The police investigation team said his testimony was useful for the investigation.

Pol Col Kritsakorn Pleethanyawong, head of the special probe committee, said the questioning is being conducted under the Article 21 of the Internal Security Act to establish the facts in parallel with legal procedure.

The committee will forward its conclusion to the director general of Internal Security Operations Command. Under Article 21 of the Internal Security Act, a wrongdoer who gives up to authorities may be allowed to undergo training for a maximum of six months. After the training under conditions set by the court, criminal charges against him may be dropped.