Chiang Mai Zoo celebrates birth of new baby koala


CHIANG MAI, March 6 – The Chiang Mai Zoo today welcomed a new member born into the pouched mammal family and invited the public to join in the name competition for the newborn.

The baby koala appeared outside of his mother Simpson’s pouch for the first time this morning after seven months of pregnancy.

The breeding came naturally between 10-year-old Simpson, and a male koala named Fulla.

The newborn koala was found healthy at birth, raising the total number of koala family in the northern zoo to ten.

The zoo launched a competition urging the public to help name the koala cub.

Simpson and Fulla, and other two koalas were sent from Australia’s Taronga Zoo in an exchange with a Thai elephant from Chiang Mai Zoo under a cooperation programme of the two zoos since November 19, 2006.