SBPAC supports youth model for southern development


YALA, 7 June 2015 – 19 youth groups in the southern border provinces have visited Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center (SBPAC) executives to receive the guidelines on children and youth development in the area.

They met with Secretary-General Panu Uthairat along with other executives at the SBPAC office to exchange experiences on the development of youth networks in the area and the working guidelines for children and youths in the southern border areas.

SBPAC Secretary-General has said that youths in the area will play a key role in solving the issues and further develop the southern border areas, and the SBPAC has always been providing educational support for youths in the area to ensure that they receive proper education and grow up as a good members of society.

The youth groups in the southern border provinces have participated in a campaign that will create role models for youths facing certain situations, such as youths affected by the local unrest, youths with health issue, orphans in the community, game addicted youths, and youths in the potential risk group of narcotics usage.

Activities will be held throughout the year where children will be allowed to happily play and develop their creativity, teamwork, and sharing skills through the participation of the children and the community.

The campaign is seeking to improve the quality of youths through ‘good space’, ‘good media’, and ‘good knowledge’ in villages which involves participation from youths, teachers, parents, community leaders, religious leaders, and the public.