Commerce Ministry’s inspectors visit Nonthaburi market


NONTHABURI, 7 June 2015 – The Ministry of Commerce has sent its inspection team to a fresh market in Nonthaburi province to observe food prices.

The team, led by the Ministry of Commerce’a Inspector General Duangkamol Jiambutr, found that several items of fresh food became slightly more expensive, such as pork, chicken, vegetables and eggs.

Mrs. Duangkamol attributed the price hike to the dry season which usually affects agricultural outputs. The inspection team also reported use of substandard scales by some retailers.

Mrs. Duangkamol said the Ministry of Commerce felt the need to launch a regular inspection of markets and food outlets, as consumers still complained about expensive food. Prices of ready-made meals are the Ministry’s prime concern.

The Inspector-General also denied a rumor about use of a dangerous chemical by durian exporters. She explained that the yellow colored water in which durians were submerged was actually curcuma solution, adding that the solution was used as a natural anti-bacteria agent.