Rubber Authority denies favoritism in rubber purchase


Bangkok – The Rubber Authority of Thailand (RAOT) has confirmed that all rubber purchase decisions are made by a joint committee, strongly denying favoritism allegations.

RAOT Governor Teetach Suksa-ard said that each rubber purchase is overseen and approved by a joint committee appointed by five rubber exporting companies, adding that the rubber authority doesn’t favor anyone in particular, because all procedures must be carried out according to related laws and regulations.

When asked about the recently-closed rubber market in Surat Thani province, the governor said the market is being relocated to Khun Tale sub-district.

He went on to disclose that a rubber market in Songkhla has been shut down temporarily to pave the way for renovations. He said the market needs to be enlarged due to the large number of rubber traders.

Thailand has been hit by a rubber price slump, while growers are calling for immediate action from the government.

The governor has asked the public to stop sharing false information and warned that doing so could exacerbate the situation.