GLO takes steps to stop overpricing of lottery tickets


Bangkok – The Government Lottery Office (GLO) has delayed the pre-ordering of lottery tickets by two days to prevent the combining of tickets into packets in a move to remedy overpricing.

GLO Spokesman Thanawat Polwichai, said that the office has been taking steps since November 1 to stop the overpricing of lottery tickets. The office increased its supply of tickets from 71 to 80 million, delayed pre-orders so that vendors can’t amass tickets into packets and joined hands with police to directly tackle overcharging sellers. The measures have reduced the price of lottery tickets to between 75 and 80 baht with some areas seeing prices as low as 50-55 baht.

The measures will be maintained for another four rounds of the lottery and may be intensified if vendors are found continuing to sell the tickets at more than 80 baht a piece.

The GLO has so far revoked the sales quotas of 3,800 vendors and 600 people who reserved tickets via the bank. It is still probing the activities of over 1,000 vendors.