Red shirts gather at Democracy Monument amid police security


BANGKOK, June 24 – About 500 supporters of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship, (UDD), or red shirts, started gathering at Democracy Monument Sunday to commemorate the end of the absolute monarchy 80 years ago.


Traffic has started to congest and if more people show up, Ratchadamnoen Road may be closed to traffic before noon, the time red leaders scheduled as the beginning of their gathering.

Many buses carrying red shirt supporters have been arriving from the provinces.

Pol Maj Gen Wallap Prathummueang, commander of the metropolitan police 6 said four companies totaling 600 police officers have been deployed to provide security from the Phan Fa intersection to the Khok Wua intersection.

According to talks with Red Shirt leaders, Pol Maj Gen Wallop said about 50,000 people are expected at the rally Sunday, so the road may need to be closed to traffic.

However, Red Shirt leaders said the rally will not be prolonged and the crowd will disperse around midnight with the venue absolutely empty by around three am on Monday to clear traffic for the beginning of the work week.