Police to seek arrest warrants for 2 suspects in Surat Thani prison blast


SURAT THANI, June 24- Police will seek arrest warrants for two suspects involved in Saturday’s bombing at Surat Thani Central Prison, according to Pol Col Pornsak Nuannu, deputy commander of Surat Thani provincial police.

The police will ask the court for approval to issue arrest warrants for two men, aged between 20-25, after the surveillance cameras captured their images as they were placing a bomb hidden inside a rucksack at the prison’s wall.The investigators have questioned ten witnesses so far.

The incident took place Saturday afternoon at the wall of the eastern side of Surat Thani Central Prison in the provincial seat. The explosion caused a 30 centimetres deep crater, damaging the wall and two nearby vehicles belonging to prison officials.

Surat Thani Governor Cherdsak Chusri said on Saturday that the bombers intended to destroy the wall to help prisoners escape, as the bombing occurred at a time the prisoners were allowed out their cells to bathe and perform their daily activities.

However, the bombers failed to free any prisoners as the explosion was not powerful enough to break through the wall.

Currently, there are 2,573 inmates at Surat Thani Central Prison. Most of them are charged in illegal drug cases and other serious offences. The prison has recently recieved some accused of illegal arms dealing and for major drug cases. They were in detention by order of the Surat Thani provincial court. Police are investigating if Saturday’s bombing is related to any of these inmates.