Ratchaburi’s maximum security Khao Bin prison overcrowded


RATCHABURI, 1 July 2014  – The Department of Corrections sent another 173 inmates to the maximum security prison in Ratchaburi on Monday, exceeding the capacity of the maximum security zone.

The 173 inmates, most of whom were serving time for major drug-related offenses, were brought to the Khao Bin Prison in Ratchaburi’s Mueang district from 13 prisons throughout the country. According to Yotsaphon Sutham, the commissioner of Khao Bin Prison, there are now 477 inmates within the maximum security zone, which has been designed to support only 444 individuals.

Prison officials have been told to screen the inmates and remove those who are no longer active in drug dealing from the zone. However, if more inmates continue to arrive, each cell within the zone would have to accommodate 14 inmates instead of 12 at present.