EC talks about national reform


BANGKOK, 1 July 2014, -Election Commission (EC) Secretary General Phucong Nutrawong has held a meeting with the national reform committee on the preparation for reform and general election, which is expected to be held next year. 

The EC Secretary General told the meeting that his agency had encountered several issues in the past, particularly the lack of clarity of legal terms, citing as an example the ambiguous interpretation whether the ‘priest,’ the ‘monk’ and the ‘detainee’ have the right to vote.

He said yesterday’s discussion was held merely to gather as much information as possible before compiling it into guidelines to facilitate reform.

According to Mr. Phuchong, the meeting did not discuss either the pattern or the origin of the Members of the Parliament, adding that the National Council for Peace and Order has underlined the importance of the general election and the need for the EC to address election-related issues, such as vote-buying, before organizing the national poll.