Rare sighting of Bryde’s whales and dolphins off Koh Tao island in the Gulf of Thailand

Artificial fish habitats among coral reefs near Koh Tao have attracted both whales and dolphins to appear more frequently than ever before.

Bangkok – Due to the absence of tourism, natural resources in Thailand have been regenerating. In Surat Thani, both whales and dolphins are appearing more frequently than ever before.

Director of Marine and Coastal Resources Office 4 Surat Thani, Mr. Maitree Saengariyanan together with related officers and local residents and fishermen, have installed artificial fish habitats among coral reefs near Koh Tao of Surat Thani province, as well as discussed solutions to eliminate illegal fishing equipment.

During the fish habitat installation, officers witnessed at least two Bryde’s whales near the coral reef, while local fishermen spotted four dolphins swimming alongside their fishing boats.

This event is a reflection of the regeneration of Thai ocean resources, as Bryde’s whales, and dolphins are rare creatures and protected species.

It is also expected that these sea creatures will appear more often as tourism remains missing due to COVID-19. (NNT)