Public Health Ministry actively monitors people at risk of Ebola


BANGKOK, 4 November 2014 – The Public Health Ministry has maintained that it would continue keeping a close watch on people suspected of Ebola and would take precautionary measures to prevent any possible spread of the deadly virus in Thailand.

Passengers arriving into the country by land, air, or water from the Ebola-hit countries will be thoroughly screened. So far, the ministry has not found anything unusual, however.

At the same time, the ministry has conducted a training drill for doctors and nurses on ways to handle possible Ebola outbreaks. They have also instructed 15 hospitals in provinces outside Bangkok and 5 of those in Bangkok to ensure that their patient rooms and laboratories are up to standard.

Meanwhile, the ministry has set up a working group consisting of academics and experts from related departments to come up with a draft guideline on ways to conduct autopsy tests on suspected Ebola victims. The Health Department is also establishing a manual to help hospitals nationwide in finding ways to dispose hazardous waste materials that may contain traces of Ebola.

The ministry has requested members of the public to report any possible cases of Ebola by calling the Department of Disease Control (DCC)’s hotline at 1422 around the clock.