Prem calls for nurturing of good people


BANGKOK, 17 September 2012  – General Prem Tinsulanonda, Chief of the Privy Council and statesman has urged the Thai society to create and nurture good people, while encouraging good deeds among children.

In his speech delivered during a scholarship-giving ceremony, General Prem said the concept of morality and ethic is very important to the society. The concept is needed to be instilled in Thai children, so that they will grow up to be good people with honesty and ethics. The General also urged all related personnel to help embed the concept of morality and ethic in children’s minds.

His Excellency also told the scholarship winners to follow the vows they have given for the sake of the country.

Over 1,800 scholarships were awarded at the event, with a combined value of 5.4 million baht.