IEAT certain Thailand’s industrial estates will not be flooded


BANGKOK, Sept 17 – The Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) is certain the country’s industrial estates will not be flooded this year, particularly those under the care of IEAT in flood-prone areas. 

Deputy Director-General Somkid Tanwattanakul said the areas under IEAT’s direct supervision such as the Bangchan and Latkrabang industrial estates, both in suburban Bangkok, will not be flooded, as IEAT believes the volume of floodwater this year will be less than last year.

Industrial estates will use existing flood prevention and control measures, which he said are sufficient. Earthen dykes have been reinforced and elevated for additional strength.

Regarding IEAT’s permanent flood prevention measures, a Bt3 billion budget has tagged for construction of permanent flood embankment walls, the height of each wall depending on the altitude of the land in each area.

The embankments, however, will be at least as high as last year’s flood maximum height plus another 50cm for flood control.

IEAT also prepared Bt200 million to fund monitoring flood threats and a Bt190 million budget to purchase temporary flood prevention equipment, which can be installed quickly.

The project is currently in a public hearing process and an e-auction to find an appropriate bidder. A purchase contract is expected to be made by next month, with construction to follow, which Mr Somkid said will not be in time for this year’s rainy season.