Prayuth: Incompetent ministers could face dismissal


BANGKOK, 10 September 2014 – General Prayuth Chan-ocha has stated that government ministers who were unable to perform well in their duties could be dismissed from their posts. 

Deputy Prime Minister Yongyut Yuttawong, one of the five deputies of the PM, quoted that each deputy minister has been assigned to be responsible to overlook into different areas such as education, economics, and foreign affairs.

He further stated that the first priority on the agenda is to bridge the social inequality gap and foster reconciliation throughout the nation. As the current Cabinet is working on a limited time frame of only a year before a general election takes place, Mr. Yongyuth said that it was essential that the ministers perform their duties well.

Mr. Yongyut has also quoted General Prayuth that the ministers must be able to perform their duties up to their best ability or else they could be dismissed from their posts.