DDPM steps up Flood prevention measures in sub-basin areas


BANGKOK, 10 September 10, 2014 -Flood prevention is currently an urgent priority. The Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department is now speeding up preparatory measures to prevent floodwater from the northern region badly affecting areas downstream. DDPM officials have been ordered to conduct a clearance of water plants and obstacles in the water, to help ease the drainage of flood water in the river basin. 

Mr. Chatchai Promlert, Director General of the DDPM announced that Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha, has assigned an urgent task to the agencies responsible, to prevent flood problems in areas of the Chao Phraya river basin. The main tasks are to eliminate any objects that could block the flow of water in the main stream. Provincial Administrations, District Administrations and Sub District Administrations will work cooperatively with the DDPM to remove all blockages by September 11th, 2014.

The flood action plans for the sub-basin, can be considered an interim step in preventing the effects of flood damage to the lives of people along the river bank and in river basin areas, during the rainy season.