Poll: Most people believe floods will come back


BANGKOK, 25 February 2012  – A recent opinion survey by the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) has found that most people are of the opinion that flooding will return due mainly to deforestation and the government’s slow response to the crisis. 

The poll, which covers 1,200 people throughout the country, disclosed that 62 percent of the respondents believe that floods will recur. Half of the respondents are fairly confident in the government’s flood solutions while 19 percent and 18 percent have a little or no confidence in the government respectively.

About 45 percent think that mismanagement of water resources is to blame for the flooding while 36 percent consider it as a natural disaster.

As for the flood prevention this year, nearly 40 percent choose to follow the news updates before deciding on the preventive plans, while 23 percent already have their flood prevention plans. Thirty-six percent have no plan to safeguard their property as their houses are on high ground.

Meanwhile, chairman of the Foundation of National Disaster Warning Council Smith Dhammasaroj disclosed that there was a chance that low-lying Bangkok, Samut Prakan, Samut Sakhon and Nakhon Pathom would be under water permanently.

The renowned scientist reiterated that a flood wall extending from Chachoengsao to Phetchaburi was necessary to prevent sea waters from entering the mainland which would lead to severe flooding. He has planned to submit the project to the government for consideration, adding the construction cost should be equal to that of an elevated train line.