Officials step up measures to tackle wildfire crisis in the North


BANGKOK, 25 February 2012  – The Natural Resources and Environment Ministry has stepped up measures to put an end to the wildfire crisis in Thailand’s northern provinces. 

Permanent Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment Chote Trachu said on Friday that the air quality in Thailand’s North remains a disturbing issue due to continued wildfire and smoke and the amount of small particles that is above acceptable standards.

Mr. Chote conceded that the unresolved air pollution is posing serious health risks on the northern residents.

In order to more effectively solve the problem, the Ministry has sent 2 helicopters from the Office of Aviation for Natural Resource Conservation to help extinguish the fire in Lampang, Phayao and Lamphun.

According to Mr. Chote, it has been predicted that the wildfire will not be very serious this time because of the wet weather condition in the region. However, he assured that all related offices will continue to keep a close eye on the situation.

Mr. Wijarn Simachaya, Director-General of the Pollution Control Department, said that the latest air quality test found that small particles looked set to increase in many northern provinces and their amounts were in the level that might cause health hazards to the public.