North still gets cool morning, Northeast & South to see rains


BANGKOK, 25 February 2012  – The lower Northeast, the central region and the East are forecast to experience hot weather and scattered thundershowers during these few days due to the influence of south-easterly wind. 

The North and the Northeast will continue to see cool weather in the morning. Between February 26 and March 1, a ridge of high pressure from China will cover the Northeast and the South China Sea where heavy rains and scattered thunderstorm are likely. Temperature is expected to lower by two to three degrees Celsius.

During February 29 to March 1, southern Thailand will experience scattered thundershowers. Easterly wind waves will reach the South and the Gulf of Thailand, leading to heavy rains in some areas.

Those traveling to the Northeast, the Central Region and the East are advised to beware of thunderstorms between February 26 and 29.