Police ready to ensure peace before/during election


BANGKOK, 21 May 2011 – The National Police Office is taking proactive measures in the mission to ensure safety for all election candidates as well as peace and order of the society both before and during the general election.

National Police Advisor for Security Affairs Police General Pongsapat Pongjaroen elaborated that the police has set up the Centre for the Administration of Peace and Order (CAPO) for this election to serve as the centre to receive notification from the public on any unrest regarding the election.

Police General Pongsapat stated that police officers will be deployed to ensure peace at polling stations on both the advance and actual election dates while traffic will be facilitated for voters and transportation of ballot boxes.

The national police advisor noted that security measures of election campaigns of political parties will be provided while key elected political figures will be safeguarded after the election. He added that police officers will work on intelligence operation to find news on electoral fraud.

Police General Pongsapat said the police will be ready to send in security forces if any election candidates are facing with dangerous situation. He added that they can also seek help from any police stations across the country.