Chuwit declared the failure of Airport Link


BANGKOK, 22 May 2011 – Rak Prathet Thai party leader, Chuwit Kamolvisit made a statement at a press conference held at Airport Link Terminal at Makkasan station about the failure of airport link construction campaign which required 2.6 billion baht of budget, and that the period of payback would take over 634 years to break even.

Moreover airport link is isolated with less numbers of passenger using Airport link services. According to Mr Chuwit, the management system is inefficient with no security administrator, which does not meet International standards.

The Rak Prathet Thai Leader supported his statement with pictures from different zones in Airport Link, in addition with analysis from Siemens Company, which stated that the possibility in expanding the airport link could only be 25-30 kilometers, therefore, politicians who included the airport link plan to their campaigns in expanding to pattaya, were unlikely to be successful. For the solution to the matter, the private business company’s management is essential rather than management system of State Railway of Thailand. Additionally, they will also have to provide ticket with promotions, between the hotel airlines or selling tickets in advance at special prices.