PM to follow up on Pattaya ferry accident during Chonburi visit


CHONBURI, 5 November 2013 Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra will visit Chonburi province today (November 5) to follow up on the case of the sunk ferry in Pattaya that has claimed the lives of 6 tourists.

A ship operated by the Koh Lan Travel company sank off the coast of Pattaya on Sunday evening, after it departed from Koh Lan with around 200 passengers. At least 16 passengers suffered injuries.

Saman Khwanmueang, the ferry’s captain, asserted that the boat did not run into reefs and was not overloaded. The man said he believed the bottom of the vessel was damaged by violent waves.

Marine Department Director-General Sorasak Saensombat said ships operated by Koh Lan Travel are being grounded pending re-inspection of their condition. Permits for the company’s remaining 6 vessels will be cancelled if the ships fail to pass the inspection.