Poll: Amnesty bill row worries people most


BANGKOK, 3 November 2013 A survey on the public’s political worries conducted by the Dusit Poll shows that a majority of people are concerned about conflicts on the amnesty bill and fear that protests against the legislation might turn violent. 

According to the recent poll conducted with 1,229 people in Bangkok and the vicinity, most of the respondents or 54.25% said their concerns over the protests were mainly caused by the prolongation of the amnesty bill conflicts. They said they were afraid that there would be violence and suggested the protesters gather peacefully under the law and deal with their opponents with reason.

31.97% of the respondents are concerned about corruption and abuse of power, saying that there is still the patron-client system in the Thai politics and Thai politicians lack morality and ethics. They suggest that punishment for political corruption should be more severe and people with bad records should be prevented from politics.

The poll also demonstrates that 13.78% of the samples are worried about political divisions and a lack of unity among politicians. They believe political problems in Thailand obstruct the country from developing and urge politicians to have conscience and work in the best interest of the country.